Deliver Us from the Evil One

Dear Covenant Family,
The link below is to an article by Martin Luther on Prayer, “Deliver Us from the Evil One”.  It’s so good that I highly recommend your taking the time to read and meditate on it and put it into practice.  Our church and school depend on it.  Prayer is our deadliest weapon against the Devil and his schemes.
Pastor Cory

Truth Is Worth the Fighting

Don’t Be Caught without a Confession
by Michael Reeves for 
The Aquila Report
Christians have always written and cherished summaries of their beliefs. The Bible records the earliest of these confessions of faith (1 Tim 3:16). Then, the early post-Apostolic church produced definitive statements of essential Christian belief, such as the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, still considered benchmarks of orthodoxy. In the centuries that have followed, Christians have continued to produce confessions: the Augsburg Confession (1530), the Thirty-Nine Articles (1562), the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646), the London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), and so on. The church has never been without a confession or creed.


Please Stop Saying “Christianity Isn’t a Religion, It’s a Relationship”

Please Stop Saying

 “Christianity Isn’t a Religion, It’s a Relationship”

by Kevin Halloran

I’m sure you’ve heard it or said it yourself: “Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship.” Please stop.


This statement has good intentions.
I have a personal relationship with Christ and don’t just go through the motions in religious rituals.


But to say that Christianity isn’t a religion?


There are two simple ways to prove that it is a religion:


Biblical Preaching

10 Things You Should Know about the
Necessity of Biblical Preaching

 by: Sam Storms


What Makes a Good Mom?

What Makes a Good Mom?
by Abigail Dodds for
desiringGod Ministries
One of a mother’s most difficult tasks – nay impossible, apart from God’s help – is weaning her children and transferring their source of life, comfort, and home to Another. In all her loving and comforting and making home, she is simply a pointer to a better one, a lasting one – a home where she already has one foot in the door, a home she testifies to by her own goodness.
But are we good mothers? Does even the question cause some chafing?


The god of William Paul Young

The god of William Paul Young
by Gavin Ortlund for 
The Gospel Coalition
Paul Young’s
The Shack has sold 20 million copies, inspired a major motion picture, and generated a lot of spiritual reflection and conversation. Some have appreciated its depiction of faith and suffering. Others have been uncomfortable with its theological eccentricities. More than a few have used the “h word” to describe it (heresy). But the fact that The Shack
(and Young’s other books) are novels has made it difficult to know exactly how to place them.


One Pastor’s Encounter with Death

One Pastor’s Encounter with Death
by Phil Letizia for 
The Gospel Coalition
Death has a way of waking us up. Today we live with a growing ability to putoff any conversation or reflection that wanders too close to the subject of our mortality. Like church bells in the distance, we seldom recognize the regularity of the sound. That is, until we personally encounter death, and then the words of Annie Dillard ring true: “I had been my whole life a bell, and never knew it until at that moment I was lifted and struck” (20).


Luther at 500–Credo Magazine

The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The reformer who ignited this Reformation was none other than Martin Luther. But who was Luther, why was his understanding of God’s grace so radically different than Rome’s, and what was his contribution to the Reformation as a whole? These are the type of questions this new issue of Credo Magazine,
“Luther at 500,” aims to answer as we turn our attention not only to Luther’s life but to Luther’s doctrine.
Click this Link  for the full article and related stories.
  • “The Priesthood of All believers:  Ministry to Match the Message of the Gospel” by Chase R. Kuhn
  • “Benefitting from Luther’s Small Catechism – as a Calvinist” by Daniel Hyde
  • “The Life of Martin Luther” by Anthony T. Selvaggio
  • “By God’s Grace:  Rome and Luther on Salvation” by Timo Laato
  • Martin Luther and the doctrine of vocation:  A matter of discipleship by Derek Brown
  • Resources for teaching your children about the Reformation by Timothy Raymond
  • How the Bible started Luther’s revolution by Brandon D. Smith
  • Luther’s 95 Theses by Matthew Barrett

What Does Washington Have to Do with Jerusalem?

What Does Washington Have to Do with Jerusalem?
a Talk by Senator Ben Sasse
[Ben Sasse] What Does Washington Have to Do with Jerusalem?
[Ben Sasse] What Does Washington Have to Do with Jerusalem?
“Sadly there are too many of us that, too much of the time, act like something as mundane as politics might possibly be the answer to why we weep and why we hope. That’s an absurd answer. The answer for why we weep and why we hope is because our God is coming quickly, and he is a liberating king, and he is the ruler of the city that has foundations, the hope of the nations.”
Speaker: Senator Ben Sasse
Date: April 4, 2017
Event: The Gospel Coalition 2017 National Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
Ben Sasse was elected in 2014 as a United States senator representing Nebraska. He earned a PhD in American history and served for five years as president of Midland University. He is a member of Grace Church (PCA) in Fremont, Nebraska.

Do Paul and James Disagree?

Do Paul and James Disagree on Justification by Faith Alone?
by Thomas Schreiner for 
The Gospel Coalition
Critics of the slogan “faith alone” often point out that Scripture only speaks once about whether we are justified by faith alone-and that text denies it: “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24, CSB).

What does James mean in saying we are justified by works?