Audio/Video, Worship Assistant and Usher Schedule

If you are scheduled for Audio, Video, Worship Assistant, or Usher on a particular Sunday and are unable to serve, please attempt to find a replacement and notify Leigh Hinkle as soon as possible.  Leigh may be able to help you find a replacement, but he will need to know who is replacing you no matter what.

The A/V, Worship Assistant and usher schedule link below is for the 4th Quarter 2018 and has been updated 25 September 2018.

Please ensure that the sheet-tab labeled 4 QTR 2018 is selected when you open the spread sheet.  Previous quarters are at the sheet-tabs to the left of the current quarter.
If you are having trouble viewing or saving this file, please contact Leigh Hinkle.
Sunday morning AV Duty begins at 8:30 am for words and sound checks. Sound checks conclude in time for everyone to get to Sunday School by 9:00. After Sunday School, be in place no later than 10:15 to begin the prelude Video Slide Show and music.
Thank you for your dedicated service in this important ministry!
Please click on the link above to download/view schedule.