Facility Use

Building Use

If you would like to use the church facilities, PLEASE CLICK HERE, download the form, and return it to the church office.  The facilities are available for use to members of Covenant Presbyterian Church only.

Wedding Policies

A wedding is a happy and holy occasion. As two people join their lives to establish a Christian home, the church rejoices with them and is eager to help make the wedding reverent, beautiful, and memorable. The true beauty of a wedding lies in the spirit and attitude of those who take part.
The church is not an institution of perfect people, but of people who are constantly striving to live Godly lives. Some would argue that since there are marriages within the church which are not perfect, the church has no right to hold out a standard for couples seeking to be married that the church itself has not yet achieved. The fallacy in this reasoning is that the standard by which the church is governed is not the success or failure of its membership, but the authority of the Scriptures. The Scriptures tell us that Marriage was instituted by God (Genesis 2:18-25), that it is to be a permanent bond (Matthew 19:6), that it is between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:18-25), that it is to be centered in love and obedience (Ephesians 5:21-33), that believers and unbelievers are not to be bonded together (2 Corinthians 6:14), that those separated or divorced are not to build relationships with and marry others, but are to be reconciled with their mate (1 Corinthians 7:11). A number of helpful books are available in the Covenant Church Library for those desiring guidance in what many see as the single most important earthly decision one makes.
It is difficult for the church to minister in a wedding context when the bride and/or the groom are not Christians. We do not wish to alienate the non-churched, but one does wonder why those not involved in Christian worship and service would desire a church wedding. Many problems and hard feelings can be avoided if a couple would ask themselves if they truly want the foundation of a Christian wedding in the building of a Godly, Christ centered home, or do they simply want to get married in a spectacular ceremony. A church wedding is viewed by many as the “proper thing to do” but hard to understand when the church does not touch the lives of the couple at any other point.


It is customary for the Pastor to be in charge of all ceremonies at Covenant Presbyterian Church. When desired, it is quite proper to have another minister assist or even conduct the ceremony provided the Pastor and Session (Governing body) of Covenant Church are consulted and plans are made accordingly.
A pre-marital conference with the persons to be united and the Pastor is required by the Session. The date for this conference should be set as soon as it is decided that you wish to use the facilities of Covenant Church and before any public announcement is made.


All arrangements for weddings and receptions must be made through the church office. A “Data Sheet” is attached which, when completed, will confirm in writing information as to the date and time of the rehearsal and the wedding, and how we can expect your wedding to be conducted. The wedding date cannot be confirmed until the Data Sheet is returned and the date approved by the Session.


The use of decorations should be consistent with the sacred and reverent nature of both the occasion and the dedicated use of the facilities. (Specific rules are listed below)


The Covenant organist and/or pianist are available to play for activities at the church. If you desire to have them provide this service, you MUST make arrangements directly with them in advance. Vocalists, other musicians, or taped accompaniment may be used in accordance with proper reverence and respect for God’s House. Musical selections must reflect the spiritual nature of the occasion. While secular “romantic songs” may have special meaning to a couple, they are inappropriate in a worshipful setting. If you have any questions concerning a piece of music, please feel free to consult with our organist, pianist, or music director.

Responsibility For Safekeeping of Personal Items

The church will make every effort to protect personal items such as wedding dresses, purses, silver used in the receptions, but will not be liable for such items lost, stolen, or damaged.


  1. Smoking is not permitted in any church building or room.
  2. No rice or bird seed may be thrown inside church facilities.
  3. No alcoholic beverages may be served on the church premises.
  4. No food or beverages may be carried into the sanctuary.
  5. No pins, tacks, staples or nails may be used in walls or furniture.
  6. Clear tape may be used only on surfaces that are not painted and which allow for easy removal without permanent marring.
  7. When candelabras are used, any surface on which wax might drip must be protected.
  8. The sanctuary organ and piano must not be moved for any reason.
  9. The sanctuary sound system must not be used without prior instruction in its operation.
  10. Thermostats will be set as follows: heating 68 degrees or less, cooling 78 degrees or greater
  11. It is thoughtful of those being married to leave at least one floral arrangement from Friday or Saturday weddings for use by the church for Sunday services.


Sanctuary (Wedding & Rehearsal) $ 100.00
Fellowship Hall (Reception) 50.00
It is suggested that the organist and/or pianist and/or vocalist should be compensated at a minimum of $ 50.00 each. This not only includes their rehearsal and the wedding time but also adequate preparation time to insure that their participation in your wedding is equal to your expectations.


The party using the facility is responsible for cleaning up after the ceremony and reception and returning all furniture to its proper place. Even though it is not the responsibility of the Covenant custodian to clean up after weddings (unless prior arrangements have been made), invariably extra responsibilities are created by such events. Therefore it is appropriate to remember him with a token of appreciation.
Please request via e-mail a Wedding Request Form if you are interested in using the facilities at Covenant Presbyterian Church.