Audio/Video, Worship Assistant

and Usher Schedule

If you are scheduled for Audio, Video, Worship Assistant, or Usher on a particular Sunday and are unable to serve, please attempt to find a replacement and notify Leigh Hinkle as soon as possible.  Leigh may be able to help you find a replacement, but he will need to know who is replacing you no matter what.

The A/V, Worship Assistant and usher schedule link below is for the 4th Quarter 2020 and has been updated 16 November 2020.  The second link is for the 1st Quarter 2021 and was updated on 23 Dec 2020.

Please ensure that the sheet-tab labeled 4 QTR 2020 or 1 QTR 2021 is selected when you open the spread sheet.  Previous quarters are at the sheet-tabs to the left of the current quarter.
If you are having trouble reading or downloading the file, please contact Leigh Hinkle.
Sunday morning AV Duty begins at 9:00 am for rehearsal.  After rehearsal, be in place no later than 9:50 – praise team prelude words need to be ready to go up on the screen at ~9:55.
Thank you for your dedicated service in this important ministry.